Hello people of the world :)

Hello Coffee addicts! 



A peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into books”  (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/290693350917986072/)


I want to welcome you guys to CoffeeWrite 😀

Who am I you might think, and why this blog is called after an energy booster, well I’m a girl called Gabby who lives in this plane,t who has a crazy obsession for coffee (see the name on top of the page if you haven’t noticed yet) and to writing.

What else do I do? besides writing I love to sing and play the guitar. My nerdy side will always be saved to some series and movies

Since I can remember myself I wrote poem and songs and in the last couple years I started to try to write stories, whahave I  discovered? Hey! I’m not that bad, let’s try to do more ^^ I want to bring something new and hopefully after every post to let you guys keep thinking, asking question and maybe even helping me to do a sequel (who knows! anything can happen). I want you guys to see beyond religion, science, political thoughts. I live all of that i my everyday life and here its a special corner for something we barely use anymore. Imagination.

My entire life I was a secret drawers writer, I wrote to myself and never had the courage to publish or even show to my family, but I think that now its the write time ( see the pun over here? write… right… ok ill be silent now.) also I understood that I need to stop thinking and jump right in to it and do what I love and that’s what I recommend you all to do. Stop thinking and do what you love. 

I Wish to you guys over the screen to grab a cup of a nice hot coffee/ cocoa/beer whatever makes you feel good, relax and dive in to this story with me 🙂


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