Are you an addict? Because I am

Coffee or Tea?

will determine who you are going to be.

Juice or Soda?

Will give you a different aroma.

Tone or sound?

Determines what’s the bound

Battle or peace?

Will predict who you shall Kiss.

I chose coffee, the decided I’m an addict. Addict to what exactly? to caffeine? if you are a science person that’s probably what it is. If you go with the literature it’s probably the bittersweet taste that calm you down like nobody does and afterwards the boost of energy that tremble your bones and suddenly, you are concentrated and focused on the target, you are on the top of the world you can do anything like a king. Addiction. I denied every relation.

I chose juice ’cause who even likes soda? cold people. a tasteless drink that turns your belly upside down, on the contrary juice is sweet most of it is actually sugar. Why juice and not soda? the answer is in the first paragraph, would you guess? addiction. Addiction to glucose who flows throw your blood and accelerates the amount and speed of oxygen that enters into your own cells. all of these according to biology, but the feeling says another thing, it says that it’s because of love. The juice gives us the feeling of belonging, a loved person that serves you breakfast in bed in the morning with an I love you and a beautiful compliment that makes your day perfect.

Sound, drives from hearing. You are the determining factor. Hear others and see what they have to offer. Sound is music as well, for me: an addiction. an addiction to the sounds around us the melodies that are weaved from lonely notes hanging and waiting to come to life. a tone, when you decide that things will go exactly as you planned and not differently. Leadership is an obssesion to power, the hard decisions are only and only in your hands.

Battle, youngsters reunite for a nationality target they get killed for us. A History lesson. A flag, battalion honor. Reality, mourn, destruction, loneliness. who will understand where you stand after you lost your brother? you are one in front of everyone. darkness when the spotlight is so far that you are sure there’s no turning back. again. addiction. to the pain. your drug is the suffer from where you feed the pain. peace,handshaking, politicians wearing forced smiles, secret meetings. secrets. peace, solidarity. security, faith, addiction. to hope. humans don’t give up they keep trying and trying until succeeding. not failures, attempts. peace will never blossom from failure. peace is honesty.

our lives is an addiction, the small things as well as the big ones. the simple choices we make stems from a hidden subconscious that tell us what to choose. we are bound to our actions just as our actions depend on us. Addiction is a bigger term than expected. we are addicted to oxygen that without him we can’t live, to water that is essential as well. even though we relate the word addiction to drug it also comes from a need and sentiment. without sentiments we lose ourselves completely.

it is important to know that we are all addicts. some more some less. noticing small details leads to the truth.

                                  I am an addict.

                                                                to oxygen.

                                                                                        to water.

                                                                                                            to him.

                                                                                                                           and to coffee.


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