Israel’s Beach: A Big Finale To The Holidays


(Olga beach, Israel 31/8/16)

Hey guys, so tomorrow is the day…

millions of children are going back to school, millions entering universities and parents going back to their daily routine after spending time with the children at home. some are in the beginning, excited of the unknown, innocent thinking that the world is yet pink, it was a great time for all of us I’m sure, not knowing that in a year or two they will live their lives with their heads over books. Some of you are freshments beginning high school, what an excited time, you are all grown up now it’s your time to shine in your new school, make new friends don’t be afraid of going after you want, those three years will be shorter and faster than you ever thought it would be. And then… The seniors, you passed through almost all the exams you are probably exhausted not wanting to begin this year or ever turning one more page again, so close but yet so far. but! there’s another reason you might not be aware of. realization, knowing that in less than a year that’s it, you’ve done! 11, 12 years of studies are all behind you and whats next? soon you’ll find out, that once a phase comes to an end, a new one appears. Remember, you are still young!!

giphy (2)

The title, you might wonder after that long long introduction what’s the meaning

I’ll tell you how my day began, a great  sunny very hot day in Israel. Do you know where Israel is located? in the middle east. You probably imagine to yourself a long stripe desert  where the main transportation is camels but it’s actually a very advanced place, with beautiful touristic sites and an amazing history which we can see by archaeology.


Moving on, my bikini got stucked behind the drawer so I spent about half an hour trying to release it with a ruler (no, don’t try this at home. Bad idea. trust me.) and all that effort because my drawer refused to get out. Afterwards we missed the bus (How ironic, thank you bikini), so for now I was with a smaller bikini on me waiting 20 minutes in the bus station to the next bus. I was never a girl who wore sunglasses but I decided that I need one, so for the first time of my life I bought a beautiful pair, can you imagine what happened next? they were gone. Gone from my bag without a sign, probably they fell and we didn’t hear them falling. Awesome until now huh?


I always thought it to be an awful place. the sand was hideous always sticky the salty water oh, and the heat, the 40 degree heat that makes you feel like your are the meat of some giant’s meal, FUN


What have I found out?

It’s actually a pretty good place (except the sticky sand), the waves were high people were so nice, in the middle of the sea they just start talking to you out of the nowhere, and eventually you end up knowing her children’s name. The lifeguards very unusually trying to warn people to get closer to the shore when people are too deep in the sea, unexpectedly  start throwing Russian words or asking if they want him to order them a taxi to get back on shore (I swear based on true events, nothing faked)

giphy (1).gif

I had fun and I recommend it to everyone, take a day of! Escape from the everyday routine and just have fun! It’s also recommended by many psychologists, having fun reduces stress, try it!! Be happier!! Money and studyings are not everything!!

Tell me about you funny beach stories :3,

Good luck to all students in the beginning of our new year, “may the force be with us!!” now its time for all of you, parents to get your own vacation after this long period taking care of your children 😀



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