“Let Me Be” #AllOfUs

“Let me be! Just let me be!”

“I want freedom, to do what I want and not what you want!”

“This is not fair!”

“Why me?!”

“Not my fault!”
We all wish to be left alone. We complain over such banal things. We wish to express what we want to do, what we want to have. We just want for the reason of wanting. But when they finally do, when the leave us. you still want to be. 

To be with them.

Quote of the day

I decided to do something I haven’t done yet so… Here’s my quote of the day

Be the change you want to see in the world

(Mahatma Gandhi)
I wanted to share this familiar quote with you because people especially writers love to hide behind their stories and wirds. Let’s all be what we want to be! that’s so much easier than pretending to be what we are not. So let’s follow Gandhi’s advice and do it, be sttonger and happier, enjoy life and embrace it!

Have an awesome day,

Gabby :3

A Free Fall To The World Of Lo-

He is always near you,

somehow you never no what to do.

where to locate your hands

so many demands!

what are those messages he sends?


the fear says “Run girl! now!”

the rush exclaims “don’t you dare give up”

left or right, fear or rush,

to dare or to send it to no where.


It’s to late now…


Silence, everything is dark

Don’t deserve I to get a bit of luck?

I want to fall in but afraid to fall down.

where is the end? what is the length?

It’s a free fall, the problem is that I’m not that tall.

One day I’ll get to the floor,

But I know I will always want more

My Definition To “Class”

I’m waiting for the end,

just thinking about the weekend.

Chit chats here, Chit chats there

And I’m just staring at no where.


Sitting in the middle,

thinking how can I solve this riddle.

Soon we won’t be here,

Well For now we are still here.

I know I’ll miss this, just as you will.


Pencils down,

No more yawns.

Here stands the greatest twist,

The best times of your life are also the hardest.


giphy (4).gif


Hang in there students!!! It’s only the beginning, enjoy the weekend and get back 100% filled up to a new school week. enjoy your first year and more over the last ones 🙂

Gabby :3


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Not So Wonderland

I’m not Alice in wonderland,

I live in a world made of sand

It’s not so easy, so please don’t be silly.

If you stumble,

It trembles and rumbles.


Tick tock rings the clock,

Once you are small and once you are big,

depends on the mushroom you pick.

so which way to stick?

a crazy cat or a lunatic with a hat…


Be good be bad,

that crazy queen will make you very very mad.

Wake up! Wake up!

and release that life you used to be stuck.


(characters taken from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, a book that I admire very much)

Just because I felt like ;D

Flowers grow,

They come from very very low.

A coin on the ground,

That’s where one day it will be found.
The strong always win,

That’s how the world stays clean.

How the weak survive?

There’s always a place to hide.
That one coin, remember it? It was found.

By the same one who didn’t make a sound.

Those flowers survived,

Because of those who had put their troubles a side.
Have a good week 🙂 


How Too….

your mind is wondering miles and miles away, you body stays. you may be in class or even in a conversation but suddenly everything around you disappears. It’s you and your worries. so what now, what will I do with this? what will I do with that? how can i…? there’s a way to…?

How. How to make everything go away, why you are the only one with those worries. questions and questions and not even one answer. Know why? because those are just worries.  Nothing has appeared yet and you already screaming inside your head trying to find a solution. Know that feeling? I thought so…

Once there was someone to think for me, but no more. You are a big girl now you can make your own decisions. Now, you find yourself controlling everything, how can it be that they put you in charge. I think that it’s not because I’m the most responsible or something it’s just because they don’t want to be responsible of something they don’t even know if they are going to get to the end. I decided that I’ll cross the finishing line and win my prize, together or alone. there are times in life you understand that you can’t please everyone and that you need to do something or act in a way that is good for you, with not a single drop of regret.

I will do what I love with people who want to join me for free will, I never forced someone to agree. The question is who can? Who is up too? Who is ready to get up and fight for it?

Work hard and we’ll get there. soon. one day.  we will.

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Here’s a tough spongebob to motivate you 😀

In A Dickens Mood

Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.
(Charles Dickens)

Charles Dickens didn’t have a perfect life, there was a time he had to work very hard to maintain his loved ones. I was in a Dickens mood today, his writing touches my heart his novel so sad but beautiful… How can a simple man in a rough world change some perspectives in the world. It is hard no doubt but that’s why I admire him so much. He was a human and he made many mistakes but we all remember him for the mark he left in the world. His talent.

I chose this quote because we all miss someone who might be far away. Today, tomorrow I’m one of those people. My grandma came miles and miles just to see us since we live across the ocean and it’s time for her to part. Goodbyes are the worst part, you think you might not see that person again. My grandpa passed away last year and I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye. I regret every day not talking to him more, trying to keep in touch. Like dickens says electric communication was never enough, I missed him every day and I never had the chance to see him one last time, before he passed away I haven’t seen him for two years, he came to visit us. his soul was pure and powerful and I want him next to me, I still imagine he is there waiting for me to visit but it’s just an illusion. My grandma came because she was alone the man she lived with 55 years is no longer more. They loved each other and they were truly brave and true… I miss him. I will miss her. And I’m scared, I admit. I want to see her again and again, and don’t regret something I can still do.

Believe me when I advice you, Never but Never give up on seeing your loved ones while you can, don’t waste your time arguing about silly things that won’t have meaning. Say “I love you” as much as you can and feel loved. is your loved ones are closed, you lucky one cherish it, not all of us have this privilege, this gift. Use the phone not just for games or messages, use it to actually talk and communicate properly, but yet don’t talk too much save it for a real face to face conversations. we are brave behind a scream but we become braver talking face to face, cause that’s what are we; humans.

I wish you all the best, have a great week,



Game Over Girl

lana del rey

I know it may sound corny to you but there are things that are worth to share :3



“No one compares to you, but there’s no you, except in my dreams tonight.”



this quote, was written by the singer Lana Del Rey and it reflects word by word what I feel.

Imagine yourself freshments, beginning your first day in highschool, afraid of everything. I’m sure we all ask ourselves the same questions; How its going to be like? what if i don’t get any friends? would I be all alone for three years?

doubts and fears, we are so scared of two short words so much, whys that? we are raised by certain “invisible rules” lets call it, you know that you will grow up, get up to school, you have to get good grades to enter a good university, that’s what they say. they also say, always be good respect other, they say why are you so lazy go to work while you study and when you do they ask you to quit so it wont bother your studies. it will be always “they say”. “they” are: parents, teachers friends siblings. people dictate certain codes that we need to follow.

Eventually you do that first step in your new class and you bump into someone (not a Hollywood bump, a normal one). You manage to have only a glimpse in a brown green-eyed boy, a moment you didn’t know that day that would change you. I continued in my way to the table and he walked away…. I found out later it was a quite and shy boy who was so hard to talk to but eventually he opened his heart to you. You have this amazing feeling that he chose you from all others to open up to. he became one of my best friends in the summer holiday we met only once but that meant a lot to me. more than he ever will know…


Now you are a sophomore, finally no longer “fresh meat” you feel all grown up and waiting to meet him in the first day. He is there, worked out during the summer looks prettier how much you want to hug him you missed him so much. During the year you see that he changes, suddenly he talks to the most popular kids and you are happy for him, finally this shy boy is opened up, you never knew there’s such thing to exaggerate. as the day passes you see he talks less and less to you, whats happening? why? that’s what should be happening? he still talks to you but less. and less. He comes only when he wants to tell something. he suddenly shows of his grades, hugs every second girl when once it was only you. Your heart aches but you keep telling yourself “its the best for him”. you hope that in the summer you will see each other more. suddenly you find out he had his first kiss by a message, he sent it on the day you were about to receive a first place award on a story that you wrote. you were stupid enough to think he would want to come and see. He watched from his television later you found out, a day later you discover that all the class girls were talking about it and thinking, how could you think he would only tell this to you. it was painful, you fee betrayed and also mad, he was so excited about his first kiss and how it occurred . That exactly moment you knew there’s no turning back. he went away.

Today you two seniors, you only enter class and he gives you a huge bear hug. maybe he knows…maybe he doesn’t…maybe he ignores… You haven’t seen him all summer and the first thing he tells you, I confessed to her how I feel. that exactly moment you knew the truth: Game Over Girl. 

I’ll tell you what hurts the most, he doesn’t trust you anymore like he once did. Your birthday came and that’s the only message you got from him in a long time telling how you were a big part of his life. What are you now?  Another one among his friends. Whats makes you different from the is the realization: You loved him.You loved him and accepted him when nobody did. you love him now when he hurts you day after day. You just love. He was the only one you ever managed to feel happiness sadness angry worry all at the same time. It hurts to know you are not the one who makes him feel this way. you are the friend. Just and only the friend. What makes you different from her is that you see whats happening and you just look, you never touch. that’s because you dot own him and you’ll never will, and she will.

he found the girl he likes and she is so lucky to have a guy like him, you only wish she wont make him suffer. Maybe one day he will change, all that is left now is this little story to tell and retell, your heart again is locked inside a cell.