How Too….

your mind is wondering miles and miles away, you body stays. you may be in class or even in a conversation but suddenly everything around you disappears. It’s you and your worries. so what now, what will I do with this? what will I do with that? how can i…? there’s a way to…?

How. How to make everything go away, why you are the only one with those worries. questions and questions and not even one answer. Know why? because those are just worries.  Nothing has appeared yet and you already screaming inside your head trying to find a solution. Know that feeling? I thought so…

Once there was someone to think for me, but no more. You are a big girl now you can make your own decisions. Now, you find yourself controlling everything, how can it be that they put you in charge. I think that it’s not because I’m the most responsible or something it’s just because they don’t want to be responsible of something they don’t even know if they are going to get to the end. I decided that I’ll cross the finishing line and win my prize, together or alone. there are times in life you understand that you can’t please everyone and that you need to do something or act in a way that is good for you, with not a single drop of regret.

I will do what I love with people who want to join me for free will, I never forced someone to agree. The question is who can? Who is up too? Who is ready to get up and fight for it?

Work hard and we’ll get there. soon. one day.  we will.

giphy (3).gif

Here’s a tough spongebob to motivate you 😀


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