Distance VS Resitance

Years over years i couldn’t bare contact, corny sentences, kissing on the neck or the cheak. U absolutelt HATED it.

I couldn’t understand why. Some if you may have experienced this: “why me? Why can’t I be so loving like everyone else? Why I can’t enjoy a hug or a nice saying?”

There’s a point that you feel diferent from every other girl, you start questioning your tendencies. You go on te bus and look stare but usually you jyst can’t look in the eye if no one. You are a COWARD! Why cant you lok they are just like you, flesh and blood.

Your friends say that you shouldn’t be scared, they may look prettier but what about your caracture.

We should admit that CONTACT IS NECESSARY!! If we like it or not.

Now everything changed and i don’t know how to react….

I think I’m falling but I’m afraid this feeling will dissapear. Something tells me it’s different. Different is good different is strange.

Suddenly I enjoy the touching the corny sentences the hugging the warm kisses what the hell everything is happening so fast.

I CAN’T bare being away from him.

I think I’m falling.

And it’s scary.



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