If I only had the courage to say

I felt green today,

even though it’s an ugly thing to say.

It took me by surprise,

I was surely not ready for this ride..


If i could’ve only feel pink,

that would had stopped me from sinking.

If so, I wouldn’t be here struggling to write in ink,

but. so I did and so I admit.


It is difficult to describe,

the exactly mess I feel inside.

a storm that doesn’t have an end,

she is leaving  me here,

and this storm will always be near.


that green monster stung me,

she charms everyone even me,

but steel I feel like a third wheel.


I was envy,

that’s why I feel so engry.

the closest person to me

is going away,

letting me here to stay.


she is flying a way,

good luck i say.

I love you,

my best friend, my shoulder, my sister.


you will not always belong,

but that’s a reason for me to write this song.

I will be with you all along,

your little sister.


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