A Small Glance Can Make You Advance

While the brown leaves fall,

I think about you and all.

I stare and stare and thing about change,

that would probably be so strange.

Breaking down my puzzle,

I know I’ll miss the idea of us being a couple.

Where would I find new pieces? 

Maybe I can buy a new one and make the other gone..

Nothing of me will be left,

although I know that it would be just like I expect. Just not me anymore…


I will grow,

but never go this low.

What am I without me,

I need to learn to love what I see and one day even say; “hey, this is me”


the brown leaves become green,

another time is about to begin.

fresh and strong, enough being alone.


Let go the bad,

remember the sad,


and blush exactly like the colour red.


Become new without selling the old,

never forget that you are gold,

maybe one day you may even own the world.



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