Tech Or Connect?

Everything is created with tech,

why can’t it be that old and simple connect.

When we used to meet each other,

and fight for it never to end.

Maybe it’s time to log out,

and sense for real that sweet taste of your mouth.

We need to touch, smell, hear! it’s simple just feel!

Please. Feel.. One day it might not even be real.

Memory. That’s all that will be left.

The memory of that old and simple connect.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the past and future. Life and death. I realized that an average person has about 90 years to live and what do we do? we sit in front of a little machine that distract us from the world, from the closest to us. A lunch with my mother became a lunch of four: Mother, me, her chat and mine. I realized that I live in this routine: All around me,my friends including myself we meet to hang out and all we do is waste time in the phone, Going to school became complete silent and all I hear is the ticking sound from almost every person in the bus. Headphones, instead of getting to know new people we enter in our world of music and sounds. In the past children would go out and play the whole day but now… Its different. some still do but lets face reality, times have changed.

I’m angry on that little machine that separates between people while at the same time I’m grateful for their existence. without them we wouldn’t be able to talk with family abroad or with friends. It’s crazy that such a small tool became such a great part of us. But, there’s a big but. we can’t let it affect our interaction with people, eventually while we get old we switch dozens of phones, always the newest version. But family, friends, you will never switch them for a new generation or try to update them so they can become better. You love them as they are and them acting like themselves keeps you balanced and calm. When the end comes real human beings are kept by our side. So what I think is… Let’s stop for a second and think: is it really worth it? Is it worth it not pausing that game so I can have dinner with family.Is it worth talking through social media when we live 5 minutes from each other? The answer is simple No! A big No!

Technology is a wonderful things don’t get me wrong, it keeps us progressing, but remember that we don’t live such a long time, and in that time we have the gift of feeling touching and always having new experiences. Technology comes with responsibility, we must know how to put limits and realizing when it’s enough. Use that little time we own to be with the ones we love and care,

Remember, “We are all just passengers here” (Hawthorne Heights/ passengers). 

I wish you all the best, never regret being alive and making mistakes it’s a big part of us. Love and protect your loved ones, they love you and want the best for you.







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