Hey guys I’m Gabby, 

if you entered my page there are two possible reasons: 
  • you are enchanted by stories and writing and began to read my stories and it became like a Cinderella story: “love at first sight”
  • Because of coffee, if I were me that would probably be the reason why I would come to this blog.
coffee is a drink that follows the words writer and art, it is used both as a drink an energizer and in different poetic stories. everything looks better with coffee in the hands, you would prefer Sherlock Holmes with or without his famous tea in his hand? in my case coffee. it rules the world and we even don’t notice it. In conclusion: i just love it, that’s why.
Besides the coffee I’m here to do what I love the most, to write 🙂 and I want you to be part of my little corner so I invite you to read to be introduced, and if you like let me know, I would love that ^^