Tech Or Connect?

Everything is created with tech,

why can’t it be that old and simple connect.

When we used to meet each other,

and fight for it never to end.

Maybe it’s time to log out,

and sense for real that sweet taste of your mouth.

We need to touch, smell, hear! it’s simple just feel!

Please. Feel.. One day it might not even be real.

Memory. That’s all that will be left.

The memory of that old and simple connect.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the past and future. Life and death. I realized that an average person has about 90 years to live and what do we do? we sit in front of a little machine that distract us from the world, from the closest to us. A lunch with my mother became a lunch of four: Mother, me, her chat and mine. I realized that I live in this routine: All around me,my friends including myself we meet to hang out and all we do is waste time in the phone, Going to school became complete silent and all I hear is the ticking sound from almost every person in the bus. Headphones, instead of getting to know new people we enter in our world of music and sounds. In the past children would go out and play the whole day but now… Its different. some still do but lets face reality, times have changed.

I’m angry on that little machine that separates between people while at the same time I’m grateful for their existence. without them we wouldn’t be able to talk with family abroad or with friends. It’s crazy that such a small tool became such a great part of us. But, there’s a big but. we can’t let it affect our interaction with people, eventually while we get old we switch dozens of phones, always the newest version. But family, friends, you will never switch them for a new generation or try to update them so they can become better. You love them as they are and them acting like themselves keeps you balanced and calm. When the end comes real human beings are kept by our side. So what I think is… Let’s stop for a second and think: is it really worth it? Is it worth it not pausing that game so I can have dinner with family.Is it worth talking through social media when we live 5 minutes from each other? The answer is simple No! A big No!

Technology is a wonderful things don’t get me wrong, it keeps us progressing, but remember that we don’t live such a long time, and in that time we have the gift of feeling touching and always having new experiences. Technology comes with responsibility, we must know how to put limits and realizing when it’s enough. Use that little time we own to be with the ones we love and care,

Remember, “We are all just passengers here” (Hawthorne Heights/ passengers). 

I wish you all the best, never regret being alive and making mistakes it’s a big part of us. Love and protect your loved ones, they love you and want the best for you.







“It’s a new down,  a new day, It’s a new life for me….

                                                                                                         AND I’M FEELING GOOD!” (Nina Simone)


Floating high in the sky like a cloud

I can even shout out loud!

I can make a sound and even a hound


Maybe I’m an animal,

Don’t you think I’m being cynical!

Laugh and gasp, 

and even put me under traps!


Maybe It’s my inferior,

Finally looking at himself in the mirror.

And maybe I’m a new me,

I’m who I decide to be.

And that. That is what everyone will see.

A Small Glance Can Make You Advance

While the brown leaves fall,

I think about you and all.

I stare and stare and thing about change,

that would probably be so strange.

Breaking down my puzzle,

I know I’ll miss the idea of us being a couple.

Where would I find new pieces? 

Maybe I can buy a new one and make the other gone..

Nothing of me will be left,

although I know that it would be just like I expect. Just not me anymore…


I will grow,

but never go this low.

What am I without me,

I need to learn to love what I see and one day even say; “hey, this is me”


the brown leaves become green,

another time is about to begin.

fresh and strong, enough being alone.


Let go the bad,

remember the sad,


and blush exactly like the colour red.


Become new without selling the old,

never forget that you are gold,

maybe one day you may even own the world.


If I only had the courage to say

I felt green today,

even though it’s an ugly thing to say.

It took me by surprise,

I was surely not ready for this ride..


If i could’ve only feel pink,

that would had stopped me from sinking.

If so, I wouldn’t be here struggling to write in ink,

but. so I did and so I admit.


It is difficult to describe,

the exactly mess I feel inside.

a storm that doesn’t have an end,

she is leaving  me here,

and this storm will always be near.


that green monster stung me,

she charms everyone even me,

but steel I feel like a third wheel.


I was envy,

that’s why I feel so engry.

the closest person to me

is going away,

letting me here to stay.


she is flying a way,

good luck i say.

I love you,

my best friend, my shoulder, my sister.


you will not always belong,

but that’s a reason for me to write this song.

I will be with you all along,

your little sister.

A Free Fall To The World Of Lo-

He is always near you,

somehow you never no what to do.

where to locate your hands

so many demands!

what are those messages he sends?


the fear says “Run girl! now!”

the rush exclaims “don’t you dare give up”

left or right, fear or rush,

to dare or to send it to no where.


It’s to late now…


Silence, everything is dark

Don’t deserve I to get a bit of luck?

I want to fall in but afraid to fall down.

where is the end? what is the length?

It’s a free fall, the problem is that I’m not that tall.

One day I’ll get to the floor,

But I know I will always want more

My Definition To “Class”

I’m waiting for the end,

just thinking about the weekend.

Chit chats here, Chit chats there

And I’m just staring at no where.


Sitting in the middle,

thinking how can I solve this riddle.

Soon we won’t be here,

Well For now we are still here.

I know I’ll miss this, just as you will.


Pencils down,

No more yawns.

Here stands the greatest twist,

The best times of your life are also the hardest.


giphy (4).gif


Hang in there students!!! It’s only the beginning, enjoy the weekend and get back 100% filled up to a new school week. enjoy your first year and more over the last ones 🙂

Gabby :3


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Not So Wonderland

I’m not Alice in wonderland,

I live in a world made of sand

It’s not so easy, so please don’t be silly.

If you stumble,

It trembles and rumbles.


Tick tock rings the clock,

Once you are small and once you are big,

depends on the mushroom you pick.

so which way to stick?

a crazy cat or a lunatic with a hat…


Be good be bad,

that crazy queen will make you very very mad.

Wake up! Wake up!

and release that life you used to be stuck.


(characters taken from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, a book that I admire very much)

Just because I felt like ;D

Flowers grow,

They come from very very low.

A coin on the ground,

That’s where one day it will be found.
The strong always win,

That’s how the world stays clean.

How the weak survive?

There’s always a place to hide.
That one coin, remember it? It was found.

By the same one who didn’t make a sound.

Those flowers survived,

Because of those who had put their troubles a side.
Have a good week 🙂